The holidays are one of the best times to go traveling. After all, you’ve got the kid’s vacation and the Christmas vibe coming up. Plus, the cold weather makes for a perfect time to spend with your loved ones. That’s why you’ll find a lot of people planning their trips around the holidays! But the question is: Where to start? That will always be the first thing to consider when planning your trip. If you’re confused as to where you want to be with family, then holidays in United Kingdom may be a great idea! With their small towns, you’ll definitely enjoy the peace and quiet. There are a lot of small towns you can visit in the United Kingdom, so if you’re looking for a quaint little place to stay with family, then we show you our top 10 picks on where to spend the holidays in United Kingdom!

Top 10 Small Towns When Spending Holidays in United Kingdom

Barnard Castle in County Durham

With lots of restaurants and shops, there’s never a boring time when in Barnard Castle. There is a ruined Norman castle and the Bowes Museum, where you can find tons of fine art and beautiful paintings by known artists. You even have the countryside you can walk around in by yourself or with your loved ones.

Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk

If you’re looking for something picturesque from the early 20th century, then St. Edmunds is the best bet. You’ve got a small-town vibe with a lot of markets, the stunning cathedrals, and beautiful Abbey Gardens. It’s also known for its independent cinemas with a cool cafe and bar to hang out in.

Chepstow, Monmouthshire

You have a race course and the oldest wooden castle in Europe. You have Georgian and Victorian buildings that are now shops where you can get souvenirs or good finds. Just remember that you’ll need comfortable shoes for a long walk around various routes and tourist destinations.

Stamford, Lincolnshire

It’s known as the “finest stone town in England”, and there’s no reason why it isn’t! You’ve got the Georgian market town that has classic and elegant structures you’ll appreciate. It’s got over 30 pubs and delicious eats for you and your family to enjoy.

Pitlochry, Perthshire

It’s a picturesque place during the holidays, where it’s got one of the most famous views in Scotland. Just make sure you wrap yourself up, as it gets very cold. You’ll find tons of deer and squirrels, as well as tons of moments of solitude as you walk through the woods.

Aberystwyth, West Wales

Mid-Wales is known for small eateries and their arts. You have the National Library and Arts Centre, as well as a coastline with the most sunning of views. It’s a university town, making it the most busy and lively. You’ll find a lot of millennials and bikers around town.

Wareheam, Dorset

Wareham is one of the most quaint and peaceful of towns. It’s one of the last that is Saxon-walled. Inside this town are villages that you can bike around in, the Jurassic coast where you can stay by the beach, or even the Blue Pool that’s known to change colors.

Pickering, North Yorkshire

Pickering is known for its real steam locomotive railway station, so you will definitely feel the 40s vibe. You also have tons to do and places to see, starting with the pubs and the Dalby Forest where you can bike all day. There are tons of cafes to chill in as well.

Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria

Kirkby Lonsdale is by the lake, known for its national parks where you can camp in and have fun with your loved ones. It’s definitely those who love nature and the great outdoors. A stroll in the park or cycling around Three Peaks, Dentdale, or Ingleton will definitely be a memorable time!

Beverley, East Yorkshire

You’ll definitely feel as if you were in a Jane Austen novel when visiting Beverley. With Georgian-style houses and a beautiful church in the middle of town, you’ll definitely feel as if you were part of the Victorian era. You’ve got amazing festivals with folk music and literature, which is great for those who love the arts.

Getting Good Meals When Out Camping During the Holidays

One of the awesome activities you can do when in these small towns would be camping. You’ll learn tons of things along the way and be able to spend quality time with your family in peace and nature. But when camping outdoors, it’s best to pack right and light. This will call for investing in good food that is both convenient and delicious. Instead of having to spend tons of time and effort with pre-cooking and meal prepping, you can just purchase a self-heating meal that you can take straight out of the pack! Plus, they’re affordable and delicious, so you can bring these everywhere without the need to look for anything else to eat when traveling.

In Conclusion

When it comes to traveling during the holidays, it can be quite a challenge. This is because you’ll be traveling with different people around the world, all at the same time! Fortunately, there are still places around the United Kingdom that are quaint and perfect for families who want fun and quiet areas. With these small towns around the United Kingdom, you will definitely enjoy the quiet and uncrowded beauty. Hopefully, this article will help you decide on where to go next during the holidays. You’ll be able to book flights and accommodations through searching online, or you can book from your local travel agency. So what are you waiting for? Begin planning your holidays with your loved ones today and check these small towns for a memorable winter break to come. You’ll definitely have the time of your life with the people you love most in these small towns.

Did you enjoy the article or have any other suggestions on where to spend the holidays? Then comment down below! We’d love to hear what you have to say.

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