Are you planning for a Christmas Holiday in the UK? If yes, you need to think how you can get the best cottages around the country. This article looks at some of the best cottages in the UK, which you can consider for the coming Christmas holiday.

Ford Wetley Cottage

This cottage is a walking distance away from the hamlet of Ford. It is strategically located and is surrounded with woodland gardens. The cottage is secluded and is a 3-bedroom unit. It has oak beams and avails plenty of opportunities to people who like spending their holiday walking around. The cottage is located in an area with plenty of things to do especially if you like exploring.

Victorian Gatehouse

This is one of the cottages that come with intriguing connections. The cottage has links with an Irish Nationalist Roger casement and is believed that it was built as part of the casement family’s estate. It is a two bedroom property, which has been renovated and updated severally. The cottage has an inviting open fire and is close to Causeway Coast. The cottage has all its rooms on the ground floor hence it is suitable to anyone who wants to avoid stairs.


This is a Victorian brick lodge located in the rural setting and decorated in natural tones. The cottage has uncluttered wooden furniture high ceilings with big windows that allows you to enjoy the calm space of the cottage. This is an ideal cottage for your family.

Lindisfarne Retreat

This is one of the cottages found on the peaceful island, which is often cut off from the mainland by the rising tides (2 times in a day). The cottage attracted its first batch of monks about 1,400 years ago. Since then, it has become a beautiful holiday cottage frequented by people looking for a Christmas getaway in the UK. The cottage is made up of a beautiful whitewashed house decorated with neutral tones and boasts of contemporary furnishings. This cottage has been added to the English Heritage portfolio.


This is one of the beautiful National Trust Cottages found next to Manifold River. Lodging at this cottage gives you an opportunity to walk into the Dovedale Valley or enjoy riding a bike along the Manifold Track. This is a tarmac trail that allows you to follow a line of disused railway. It is a beautiful and attractive trail that boasts of fresh contemporary styles. The cottage offers a warm and welcoming retreat and is quite ideal for people looking for a retreat after a long day of biking and hiking.

Bwthyn Mair

This is a 17th century building that has been converted into a tavern. The cottage is a walking distance away from Portmeirion village. The beautiful stone, the staircases and the beautiful beam gives the lodge its charm. The two bedrooms are separated by wood panels and are surrounded by thick stone walls. Bwthyn Mair neighbors Snowdonia Mountain, which offers you an opportunity to walk around and relax. If you like and love biking, you have an opportunity to visit the adjacent Snowdonia Mountain.

Nethrcote Byre

This is one of the old cottages in the UK that gives the rider an opportunity to enjoy and relax in a stone ban conversion that is in complete seclusion. The place has enough rooms for anyone looking for a cottage designed for a family gathering. The cottage has a large dinning, a bedroom and a huge living room with a TV. The second sitting room has a large table which is ideal for board games. It neighbors Winsford Hill that allows you to climb and enjoy fresh air.

Birdsong Barn

It is a new barn conversion that sits on 350 acres of land. The Cottage is surrounded by wild meadows, wetlands and woodlands. It is a home to Shetland cattle, barn owls, and wild boar and Konik ponies. Taking a stroll around the reserve will certainly grant you the opportunity to encounter some of the most beautiful animals including the Wildfowl. The Barn was built by local craftsmen and has a large living space and windows that make it an ideal home for anyone looking for an ideal Christmas holiday home.

Criggin Cottage

It is a Victorian stone building, which has been converted into a real flair of attention to the many visitors. It has an oak kitchen and a living area downstairs and a beautiful living area with some exposed stone walls. The cottage has cozy bedrooms that give you a chance to view Shropshire hills through the window. If you are looking for a place that guarantees you endless trails, the Criggin Cottage will certainly give you the best opportunities ever.

Little Cote

It is a 16th century secluded cottage, which is a perfect choice for Christmas celebrations. The cottage has beautiful antique furniture and an impressive fireplace. It has a big farmhouse kitchen and a living room stocked with a library of books, music and films. The cottage is situated on a 3 acre piece of land and is surrounded by farms that offer visitors a chance to stroll through the undulating countryside.

The Whitmuir Steading Cottage

This is certainly one of the best cottages in the UK. It has a game room, an open fire place, a kitchen and a large dining room. The Cottage has almost everything you would love to have if you are going away for a Christmas break. It is an ideal family getaway with a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. The cottage is beautifully designed with comfy sofa sets, stripped wooden floors and exposed stone walls.

Inniemore Cabin

If you are in the UK and you are looking for a Christmas cottage where you can hole up and have the best Christmas moment, you should think about Inniemore Cabin. It is a simple one bedroom cottage made from timber and which will allow you relax and enjoy your stay in a quite manner. The Carsaig bay is a walking distance away and can be seen though one of the windows from the living room. The cottage gives you an opportunity to take a stroll on the coast as you move to Carsaig Arches. You also have a chance to soak yourself in a bath, read books and enjoy your Christmas.

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