Many parents spend hundreds of dollars on toys, oblivious to the fact that it is actually more beneficial when the money is spent on holidays instead.

According to Oliver James, a renowned psychological author, a great proportion of gifts we give to our children are not really valued or wanted. “Love Bombing: Reset Your Child’s Emotional Thermostat” is one of this British author’s best-selling books.

In fact, the whole business of presenting children with material things is only about sustaining the industry that profits from it. Conversely, family holidays are, without a doubt, valued by kids. Holidays don’t only excite children in the moment, but it’s something that will remain in their memories for many years.

Therefore, it is apparent that holiday should be your best option when it comes to the question of where to spend your money as far as your children are concerned.

What Kind of Holiday is Ideal for Children?

Several studies have revealed that in spite of the fact that we like spending money on material things, adults actually regard experiences such as travel as far more gratifying. Children also have the same feeling. It is only that they cherish different aspects of that travel.

When it comes to choosing family holiday destinations, the most common mistake that parents make is to think that what is exciting to them will also excite their children. However, the things you will find interesting about a place are likely to be incredibly boring to most children.

This doesn’t mean that the holiday was a waste of time and money. You just need to realize that children see the world in a different way. Take consumption, for instance, the way that French cafes sell Orangina, as opposed to Fanta, is enthralling to children, and such details will remain in their memories long after the holiday experience. In fact, taking children for holidays is much like giving a two-year-old a gift and he ends being more excited with the gift box.

Therefore, it is wise to let your children find their own ways of having fun in their surroundings. Having said that, here are some of the best family holiday destinations that you should visit with your children in 2017:


If you are looking to have a taste of exotic but don’t want to fly too far, then Morocco should be your ideal family holiday destination. The Atlantic coast boasts warm winters and extensive, sandy beaches. Your children will definitely love the surfing lessons in Taghazout, in addition to browsing around souks for leatherwork and other crafts.

You will spend your day rolling down sandy dunes and crown it by spending the night under the charming stars of the Saharan sky.

Greek Islands

Endowed with lovely beaches, sleepy villages, magnificent relics, and rich cuisine, Greece is another great destination for family holidays. Greek tourism has faced years of challenges, characterized by financial instability and a significant drop in the number of tourists, thanks to the influx of migrants fleeing war in Libya and Syria. Consequently, there are loads of good deals for tourists visiting the country.

The Algarve, Portugal

You can easily spend the entire holiday period in the Algarve sunbathing on the beach. However, if your children need something more exciting, they will definitely love Aqualand, which is one of Europe’s largest water parks. One of the most remarkable attractions in Aqualand is ‘Banzai’.

‘Banzai’ encompasses a 23-meter slide and what appears like a tray that has handles at the top. Excited kids can enjoy the thrill of perilously skimming across the water in the tray before sinking gleefully into the depths. Alternatively, you can go to the fairly non-crowded beach of Praia da Rocha, and let your children build castles while you take a nap in the sun.


Blessed with magnificent beaches, reefs, and jungle, Seychelles is an excellent winter destination for walking, snorkelling, and even diving. The country enjoys 6-7 hours of sunshine daily. Your children will definitely love to open their presents in the midst of giant tortoise. To have the best of family holiday experience in Seychelles, you have to visit the Islands of Mahé, Desroches, and Praslin.

Menorca, Spain

The tranquil Menorca enjoys the reputation of having family-friendly sun, sea, and sand holidays. You can’t talk about having had the best holiday experience in Spain if you didn’t have a paddle at Binibeca Nou.

Binibeca Nou is one of Menorca’s most attractive beaches. Alternatively, you can visit, the little but charming Cala Macarelleta, which boasts spectacular turquoise waters. If your children are somewhat older, then you should consider visiting the more secluded beaches by paddling a kayak along the coast.

Holidays Make Your Children Smarter

According to Oliver James, the examination system to which we subject our children nowadays can be extremely stressful. On the other hand, holidays present us with an opportunity to take a break from our pressured everyday lives. They are moments when everyone can unwind and be playful together.

While toys are also all about play, modern toys increasingly put a wedge between family members, thereby removing kids to their own limited worlds. The play that comes with toys is normally not educational. On the other hand, the play that comes with family holidays is collaborative, and without it, life can be meaningless and devoid of joy.

Also, According to Dr Maggot Sunderland, holidays play an integral role in advancing brain development in children. They also help them develop concentration skills.

Final Thoughts

If you are among those parents who spend a fortune on toys, but never think of taking a holiday with your kids, you need to change tact. It is apparent that spending money on family holidays is far much beneficial to your kids than buying them toys. We have also included some of the best family holiday destinations that you can give a try in 2017. Let your children grow smarter!

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