Looking for the best place to explore in this New Year? Where should you go for that dream holiday? Which country do you choose for that once-in-a-lifetime adventure?

The options are endless. In fact, it all boils down to how much time you have. From American sites to the lush historic landscapes of Asia and Europe, the world is endowed with great countries to visit.

We have done enough research and came up with ten of the best Countries in the world to visit. This is in a bid to ensure you have unmatched travel experience in 2017.

Ten of the Best Countries to Visit and Explore in 2017

1 Canada

In 2017, the big, scenic, and impressively friendly country of Canada will be celebrating her 150th birthday. While most of the celebrations will centre around Ottawa, the nation’s capital, you will have a fabulous experience being in any part of Canada this year.

Besides the festivities, this country is also rich in tourist attractions, which include:

  • The popular Rocky Mountain landscapes of British Columbia
  • The cultural capital of Montreal
  • The undulating Nova Scotia coastline
  • Polar bear sporting in Manitoba

You can’t run out of things to do in Canada, regardless of the time of the year. You can enjoy skiing, hiking, soaking up city life during the summer, etc.

2 The United Kingdom

A visit to the United Kingdom has never been more affordable for international tourists, thanks to Brexit, which occasioned the Great Britain currency crash. With numerous off-the-beaten-track destinations to explore in Scotland, England and Northern Ireland, the U.K is one of the world’s most adventurous destinations to visit in 2017.

The best time to travel to this country is around April or August. Moreover, you cannot talk about having experienced the best of the U.K. if you haven’t seen destinations like Shetlands Islands, Whitby, Derry, and Tenby.

3 India

India is one of those destinations that you’ll never miss on a must-see list. The country’s economy has grown in leaps and bounds since it attained its independence seven decades ago. Namely, new wealth is being introduced into the thriving cities, and technology is increasingly spreading into every corner of the country.

While urban India rushes towards the future at an amazing speed, expansive swathes of the country still remain unexplored. In 2017, you should visit the less explored areas like Gujarat and Arunachal Pradesh, as well as the far-flung Andaman Islands, as they present cultures and flavours somewhat different to more explored regions like Goa, Rajasthan, and Kerala.

4 Switzerland

Switzerland is an insanely beautiful country, with cities that are full of fun. Zurich boasts a great restaurant environment, whereas Bern sits on the Aare River, making it the best place to be on a scorching summer day.

However, the best of Switzerland can be experienced in the countryside, which ranges from the lofty peaks around Lauterbrunnen to the rugged green hills of the Emmental. While at it, don’t forget to do the six-hour trek Schynige Platte to Grindelwald-First and enjoy some picturesque scenery.

5 Mozambique

With the dreadful war now a thing of the past, Mozambique is rapidly becoming one of the must-visit destinations in Africa. In fact, you should visit the country now before everyone else discovers her natural beauty.

The country is endowed with magnificent beaches, wonderful wildlife, as well as scenic tea plantations. Consider visiting between August and October if you would love to see Humpback whales. Likewise, November-December is the best visiting time for birdwatchers. Don’t leave the country without visiting the Quirimbas Islands.

6 Finland

Finland, a European country that boasts a blend of Russian, Nordic, Western, and Indigenous cultures, will be turning 100 years old in 2017. The centenary celebrations will feature exhibitions of Finnish culture, art, and design. In fact, the country is considered as a creative powerhouse and world frontrunner in the education and human rights fields.

You’ll get the opportunity to enjoy:

  • Nordic sporting competitions
  • The largest snow restaurant in the world
  • A variety of musical festivals
  • The grand opening of Hossa, Finland’s fortieth national park

7 Chile

Chile is increasingly becoming one of South America’s most peaceful and politically stable countries, which boasts not just picturesque landscapes, but also artistic hubs such as Valparaiso, wine country in the Aconcagua Valley, and world-class resorts like the Atacama.

You can’t talk about having experienced the best of Chile until you see the glaciers of Patagonia and visit the ruggedly scenic Atacama Desert.

8 Namibia

Namibia is one of Africa’s youngest countries, having only attained independence in 1990. Nonetheless, the country’s tourism industry is growing at a breakneck pace.

You cannot run out of things to do in Namibia. You can go for:

  • Skydiving over the Kalahari desert – the world’s oldest desert
  • Adrenaline-charged hiking in Fish River Canyon
  • Hot air ballooning over the glistening Kalahari
  • Safari tracking free-roaming wildlife

Also, take the time to visit and explore the country’s Skeleton Coast, where you will see the waves from the Atlantic Ocean crashing against the edge of the expansive Namib Desert as well as washed-up shipwrecks scattered across the sandy beaches.

9 Japan

This is the year to put on your kimono and wooden sandals, grab your samurai sword and explore the eccentric, unique nature of Japan. Any travel enthusiast will find this historical and uniquely modern country very interesting.

Japan has a lot to offer. Besides travelling on the Bullet train, you can also stand in the middle of Tokyo city at rush hour and enjoy the buzz while exploring a traditional Japan in the Kyoto streets. You can also purchase a railway pass to travel across this beautiful country.

10 Spain

Spain is another uniquely beautiful country, with each region having its own traditions, culinary art, and even its own language. For the best experience, consider venturing into the more remote areas such as Asturias and Galicia on the northern coast or Castilla la Mancha and Extremadura in the South. Also, you should not miss Camino de Santiago, which is a pilgrim’s trek from the Basque country on the north-eastern side of Spain to the city of Santiago de Compostela, which is located far west. In fact, this is an excellent way to explore the beautiful country.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the question of where to go in 2017, you cannot run out of options. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a case of where you will go; it should be a case of when? In fact, we have already done half the job for you by giving you ten of the best countries to visit in 2017. Make it your year to go international.

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